MoMA / MoMA PS1 Records

Neven Cvijanovic - Graphic design
MoMA / MoMA PS1 Records, Covers and identity.

There will never be silence

MoMA / MoMA PS1 Records

Identity Design
Album Artwork

Art Direction: Marek Polewski
Made at Floor5

American experimental composer John Cage, first introduced his silent piece 4′33″ in 1952, where he instructed the musicians involved, not to play their instruments during the entire performance. The piece purports to consist of the sounds of the environment that the listeners hear while it is performed. In a similar way, the artwork (or the lack of it) of the 4′33″ inspired album There Will Never Be Silence, exposes the cover to be affected and defined by it's environment. A scratch-sensitive coating is applied over a black surface, allowing the surroundings to shape the cover, by chance or by intent.

The logo and the layout system are based on a simple modular grid, which allows a certain flexibility for future releases, yet keeping it coherent.